Friday, 29 July 2011

What is Biodynamic Massage?

Biodynamic Massage works on body and mind. Its aim is to free emotions and energy, which are trapped in the body and return the body to equilibrium and harmony. It encourages the body’s ability to heal itself. In health, energy flows through our bodies freely. Stress may result in imbalance in the energy, causing blocks, which may lead to physical symptoms and eventually to ill health. Biodynamic massage helps to dissolve these blocks of accumulated tension and to maintain wellbeing.

Biodynamic massage was developed by Gerda Boyesen in Norway, in the 1960’s. It is also based on Reichian theories, which maintain that the body and mind are closely linked and reflect each other.

Healing Nature
Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Cycles

In biodynamic psychology, we recognise cycles of impetus/charge, expression, discharge and integration.
During impetus/charge, raw emotions surge up the core of the body towards the neck and head. If the cycle is completed, that is, the person is able to take action (expression), the emotions subside and melt downward and the residual charge is eliminated through the peristalsis (discharge). Now the body is ready for integration, relaxation and repair.
However, if the cycle is incomplete, that is, the expression is held back, due to a conflict regarding the emergency situation, the emotional energy is stuck at the neck and head and is prevented from melting down and being discharged through the peristalsis. The cycle is incomplete and the body cannot recover. When rising emotions are not discharged, the charge remains as a layer of repressed emotions. The upward flow of energy is not balanced by an equal flow downward.
When the body gets stuck somewhere in the cycle and cannot complete it on a regular basis, the body is caught up in chronic stress, which can lead to ill health.
In health, we need to be able to move between stress and relaxation and regeneration.
In biodynamic massage we aim to help the client complete the cycle and teach the body to self regulate (relax and regenerate).

Healing Nature
Biodynamic Massage

Energies according to Biodynamic Theory

In biodynamic theory we recognise that everything has energy, all physical, mental, emotional entities.

Energy pulsates, in and out, just like the breath. In health, energy lows freely.

Our energies pulsate at our core, which is “who I am”, and at the outer levels of defence, protection, which is the “mask”. However, the latter can impede the energy flow and distort it. The biodynamic massage therapist aims to help the client peel off the mask to reveal the core.

In addition, vertical and horizontal energies are recognised too. The vertical energy flows up and down our centre (self, emotions, ego), where our emotions are digested. This energy expresses ‘who I am’ and ‘what I feel’. This is linked to the core (as above). The horizontal energy is about interacting with others and the universe.

In the ideal world, the energies should be balanced. However, at times there may be an excess of horizontal energy at the expense of the vertical one (the individual who is not connected to his true self, but is over concerned with his connection with others, e.g., ‘what they think of me’) or vice versa (the individual who is over-involved with himself, over emotional and cannot handle the external world). The biodynamic massage therapist aims to help the client balance these energies.

Healing Nature
Biodynamic Massage