Friday, 29 July 2011

Energies according to Biodynamic Theory

In biodynamic theory we recognise that everything has energy, all physical, mental, emotional entities.

Energy pulsates, in and out, just like the breath. In health, energy lows freely.

Our energies pulsate at our core, which is “who I am”, and at the outer levels of defence, protection, which is the “mask”. However, the latter can impede the energy flow and distort it. The biodynamic massage therapist aims to help the client peel off the mask to reveal the core.

In addition, vertical and horizontal energies are recognised too. The vertical energy flows up and down our centre (self, emotions, ego), where our emotions are digested. This energy expresses ‘who I am’ and ‘what I feel’. This is linked to the core (as above). The horizontal energy is about interacting with others and the universe.

In the ideal world, the energies should be balanced. However, at times there may be an excess of horizontal energy at the expense of the vertical one (the individual who is not connected to his true self, but is over concerned with his connection with others, e.g., ‘what they think of me’) or vice versa (the individual who is over-involved with himself, over emotional and cannot handle the external world). The biodynamic massage therapist aims to help the client balance these energies.

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